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Nonuplets: A Story of Nine Babies on Valentine’s day (2-14-2010)

                Before you read the story, I would like to warn you that this isn’t a love story, it’s a massacre.

                It all began on a weird Valentine’s Day, it was a night where the moon was red. A night where a lot of honeymoons took place; a night of sex and freedom; a night of satisfaction or disappointment.

                Arthur and Jane, a couple who lives-in together was making a choice of already making one or not.

Jane(J): Please use one, I’m not ready yet

Arthur(A): Why are you such a pussy?

J: I’m not, I’m just not ready, and were not even married  :|

A: We’re already too old, it’s now or never Jane, plus we don’t need marriage, I have the money to support you so don’t worry :)

J: Fuck, don’t remind me.

                So Jane complied with what Arthur wanted

                3 months later, they went to take up an ultra sound because Jane’s womb was already so big in just 3 months. After the check up, they discovered that Jane was carrying a quadruplet. Jane was crying, she’s very pessimistic, she thinks that the babies will die after birth.

                3 more months later, the womb got bigger; she took another ultrasound to check why it was happening then after the check up the couple discovered that it wasn’t just 4 babies in her womb but 9.

                It’s been nine months but oddly enough doctors can’t proceed with labour, the babies were too immature, and the doctors said that the babies will die if he continues with the operation.

                3 months after, Jane was in a lot of news, she was the first woman to be in labour for 12 months. Plus her womb was surprisingly more massive than her.

                Valentines day came again, but to her it was labour day. Arthur saw everything. Blood was everywhere, Arthur fainted. The wife died of losing too much blood. Surprisingly, the nine babies were still alive. When Arthur woke up, he heard the bad news. He was asked to name the babies.

Can you imagine seeing your love one try so hard for labour then there’s blood everywhere, too much blood to an extent that the sight made you faint, then when you woke up, doctors tell you that your love one died, then they’ll ask you to name your nine healthy babies. What do you think would you feel?

                For Arthur, it was a cursed day, he hated his children and named them to what he felt and thought that day. His children’s names were Pain, Agony, Demise, Pandemonium, Blood, Anger, Sadness, Dumbass and Fuckhead.

                Doctors didn’t allow Fuckhead and Dumbass, because the names were too inhumane, not to mention the other names, but because Arthur was so rich, doctors approved.

                Arthur planned a suicide attempt, after killing all his children. He was going to do this after he spends all his money to live life before he dies. It took him 5 years to do so.

Arthur(Dad): Hi kids, today is valentine’s day, and today were all going to die.

Dumbass: Dad, what is die?

Dad: It’s a trip and we’ll all probably meet your mother.

Sadness: I’m so happy, we’ll finally meet mom

Pandemonium: Well dad, where’s the trip?

Dad: It’s in a place called hell. It’s a fun warm place :)

Demise: When are we going?

Dad: We’ll be going soon

Fuckhead: Dad, before we go, I just wanted to share to you what happened to me today, well It was my first day of school then we were asked to introduce ourselves. When it was my turn, my teacher got so angry and told me that I should bring you at school one time to uhm.. I forgot.. sorry

Dad: Don’t worry son, you’re teacher won’t get angry at you anymore. Now kids this is called a knifeportation you just insert it in your tummy then were off to mom? ok? understood?

Everyone but Anger said yes

Pain and blood was the first ones to do it..

Pain: Dad why does it hurt?

Dad: It’s just for a little while son but afterwards it will all be gone :)

Blood: Dad, what’s this red stuff?

Dad: It’s blood

Blood: Wow dad, you named me after this, that’s so sweet, I love you dad :)

(The dad started to cry but he was determined so he continued.)

Dad: now at a count of 3, we must insert this knife to our tummy ok?

Anger: Stop it! Don’t you guys see, he’s trying to kill us!

Dumbass: What is kill?

                After that, Arthur killed Anger with a gunshot, everyone started crying.. then after a few moments there was silence. Arthur fainted. He woke up in a hospital, with police all around him.

Police: What were you thinking?

                Arthur didn’t reply, he realized that he’s going to jail so he went berserk and attempted to kill himself but he failed. He was then sent to a mental ward. He was sentenced to death after 30 years in the ward.

                As the years go by, he miraculously escaped, and it was funny to think that that day was a valentine’s day

                On that day, he went straight to Jane’s grave and told her..

                “I was right from the very beginning, you are a pussy Jane, it took you nine lives to take your life. And now, I have lived a miserable life because of that. A stupid choice for this stupid fucking future. And the gods won’t kill me just to make me see all the stupid things I’ve done. Goodbye Jane, we might not meet again. It’s neither Heaven nor hell, because hell’s too good for me, so I think I’ll be somewhere far worst. Good bye.”

He killed a cat then placed it on top of his wife’s grave, bought a grenade and went back to the mental ward and….. BOOM Happy Valentines :))

Well.. that was one hell of a ride, and to think it all happened on valentine’s day..

It’s a day not just about love, but also the stupid choices we make.

"Make a smart choice don’t force yourself.."

Happy Valentines.

Yes I know, it was kind of a pointless ramble with a moral lesson jammed at the end

I love killing time :)


Tek Ker =))

The Dialogue of the Left and Right Eye

Left eye(LE): Why are you always right?
Right eye(RE): If I’m right your right… stupid!
LE: But what about the other day when that kid pointed that pen between us, I looked at you and you looked at me?
RE: that’s a special case, plus we can’t do it again..
LE: why?
RE: Cuz’ we’ll look stupid!..
LE: That’s so sad!! so you’re saying that we can’t see each other again because we look stupid
RE: that’s life, imagine Will Smith dating Taylor Swift and they’re going out together.. it’ll look stupid
LE: that’s so racists and soooo foul, and who knows maybe they’re soulmates.
RE: hahaha you believe in soulmates!! that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard, imagine all the people in the world!! it’s impossible to know your soulmate
LE: well you could say that but could I ask you something?
RE: yeah?
LE: Do you remember the first time you opened your eye?
RE: no, why?
LE: well I still do but did you know what I saw the first time I opened my eye?
RE: no, what?
LE: I saw the world and it was so beautiful but I knew that everything was NOT RIGHT. The world was perfect but it’s so hard for me to have no one in the world to share it with nor to share views with, then I discovered you.. so I think your my soulmate
RE: lololol!! I think you’re over thinking things a little!!
LE: I’m not, when I opened my eyes that day I never saw you, but I believed that there’s that special someone for me that could be anywhere, it may even just be right by my side all along… and somehow I just happen to believe that it’s you.
RE: well I’ve been with you for so long but I think there’s nothing gonna happen BETWEEN us.
LE: A moment ago you made me imagine all the people in the world and how impossible it was to find their soulmates but Imagine this, among ALL the EYES in the world, your here stuck with me. Doesn’t it mean something?
RE: I don’t know, I see a lot of eyes lately and some are really hot and tempting but you know when I look at you your always looking at the OTHER way.
LE: I know what you mean you also do the same thing when I look at you, but that moment when we looked at each other MY WORLD became DIFFERENT, you’re the only one who made me see things differently so from then on I knew you’re special. I think we were destined for each other………… so look at me and tell me if I’m wrong!!??
RE: *Looks at Left Eye* I can’t believe I’m saying this but maybe for the first time you are right :)

 A weird voice came from nowhere and it was speaking in a really weird language

Mom: Hoy anak anung pinag gagawa gawa mu jan bat ka nag duduling dulingan
anak: sorry inay nakakatuwa kasi ung mga nakikita ko eh
Mom: Gabi na!! Matulog ka na nga!!
anak: Opo ma sorry nytinyt

The End


I hope It entertained and killed your time :)

Mr. Clueless and Mrs. Obnoxious

This is a story about two couples who were forcibly married by unstoppable forces (their parents). Mrs. Obnoxious really hated the man, she would insult Mr. Clueless from head to toe. One day while the couple went on a bonding trip, a strange tragedy happened, Mrs. Obnoxious accidentally fell off the car but Mr. Clueless, being clueless, didn’t notice until he heard SILENCE! In his mind he said it was impossible, he wasn’t able to hear her wife nag, complain, or even insult him for a few moments. He thought he was going to be happy but as it turns out he felt the opposite. It was more of a burden to him to not hear her voice at all. There may have been a lack of nags and insults but the utter silence tore his heart. He went out of the car to look for her. He found her and the moment they met, his wife started shouting, pissed off. She started complaining and everything. Her mouth was unstoppable but then Mr. Clueless intensely kissed her, then there was silence. A silence that was different than before, a silence where he didn’t felt a sense of melancholy, a silence that he wanted to last forever.

Mr. Clueless: I know I’m clueless but I now know that I love you, so stop saying all the worthless obnoxious things.

Mrs. Obnoxious: I know that I’m obnoxious but I was just doing it to give you a clue on what I really FEEL!!

Mr. Clueless: Sorry that you don’t feel the same way but..

Mrs. Obnoxious: I still can’t believe that until now you’re so CLUELESS!.. I love you too, I hope you get it now.. :)

-senosatabingilog.. hope you liked it

Thanking angie co for helping me edit =))

The Stupid Wish

Do you know why I’d wish for the world to be square?

Usually people would wish for money, love, happiness, fame, and the likes

But it’s not true money, that money is unreal, it will slowly consume itself until there’s nothing left

It’s not true love, that love is unreal, it’s like forcing someone to love you..

It’s not true happiness, that happiness is unreal, forcing yourself to feel happiness..

It’s not true fame, that fame is unreal, forcing people to notice you..

That’s why I wished for the world to be square, because that world is unreal, so that at least for once everything could be real.. a sense :)

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